emotive's medical team promotions

emotive's medical team promotions

At emotive, we pride ourselves on having an exceptionally hard-working and talented team. Our medical team have shown great resilience throughout this past year of working from home, and have taken this opportunity to push the boundaries on what can be achieved remotely by delivering high-quality and innovative content to our clients. We are delighted to announce the well-deserved recent promotions of four members of the emotive Medical team.

Aaron Hall began his career at emotive as a Junior Medical Copywriter over five years ago, and through his excellent work and dedication to his clients, he has now been announced as emotive’s Principal Medical Copywriter.

Dorothy Overington joined the team in April 2019 as a Senior Medical Writer, with her strong academic and scientific skills immediately shining through. Dorothy has become an integral member of the medical and account teams, continuously showcasing her attention to detail and expertise through her work and earning her a promotion to Principal Medical Writer.

Jurgen Lika joined us back in January 2020 as a Medical Writer and quickly demonstrated his ability to produce high-quality work for his clients. His previous experience meant he was able to hit the ground running and quickly gain confidence across all of his client accounts, making him well deserved of his promotion to Senior Medical Writer.

Talia Coren has been part of the emotive team since April 2018. In the past three years, she has grown exponentially, taking every challenge that has been thrown at her head on. This has resulted in recognition amongst her teams as a leading copywriter and earned her a promotion to Senior Medical Copywriter.

Here’s what Medical Vice President, Lisa Parker, said about the team promotions:

It has been so impressive to see the growth and development of Aaron, Dorothy, Talia and Jurgen in what has been an extraordinarily challenging year. Not only are they able to write with skill and finesse, but they have also demonstrated a tremendous amount of leadership and initiative in the work they have delivered, becoming trusted partners with their clients in the process. I’m excited to see how their careers will continue to grow in coming years.

With emotive recently growing to a team of over 60 people, our focus on personal development and the careers of our team members is as strong as ever. We know that with the right team, we will continue to make an impact on the global healthcare stage. Well done to Aaron, Dorothy, Jurgen and Talia; we are very proud of you!

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