An emotive connection that inspires change

With extensive experience working across all stages of the product lifecycle (pre-, peri- and post-launch settings), our branded communications are developed to drive advocacy and uptake of life-changing therapies.

Our team bring together their clinical expertise to create engaging and supportive patient-facing materials, translating the needs of the patient into everything we do.


Brand & Patient

Strategy & insight

  • Brand strategy & message development
  • Multichannel strategy
  • Patient journey mapping
  • Online & social landscaping
  • HCP research

Multichannel marketing

  • Multichannel strategy​
  • Websites and platform development​
  • Online content (including podcasts, webinars, emails etc.)​
  • Digital marketing​

Patient communications

  • Patient support programmes (PSPs)
  • Clinical trial branding
  • Disease awareness and education
  • Advocacy & patient advocacy group (PAG) relations

Promotional Materials ​

  • Creative campaigns ​
  • Sales aids and closed-loop marketing ​
  • Brand and disease awareness​
  • Promotional advisory boards (physical and virtual)​
  • Promotional congress activities (physical and virtual)​
  • Internal motivational campaigns

Meet our client partnerships

We're proud of our strong partnership with leading, global life sciences companies, many of whom we have worked with for several years across the lifecycle of their treatments.